JOTA Arkitekts is a professional corporation offering comprehensive architectural and engineering services founded by Architects Jose Evencio & Pachi Garcia who have more than 23 years of experience. The firm's Principals independently have successfully completed a large number of projects for Government and private enterprises, and is organized to bring together the necessary resources to serve clients in need of faster and more comprehensive architectural services.   Pachi previously worked in one of the most recognized and largest development teams in the Island, Prisa Group specifically side by side with Owner Friddel Stubbe and Eng. Orlando Mendez.  After departing from Prisa Group, Pachi worked independently in the Design, Design-Build and Construction majorly on residential projects.  Jose Evencio previously practiced Architecture in one of the Island's top Firms Taller Borinquen/Quinones & Rodriguez where he worked from an entry level architect to becoming a Principal/Administrator of the firm under the wing of his belated father Evencio Rodriguez.  Together they have assembled a prime combination of backgrounds and ideals to for a unique well rounded Architectural Firm which addresses the needs of a wide range of projects.  With their main office in San Juan, Puerto Rico as the Firm's back bone, their Branch Office in Orlando, Florida with whom they provide A&E services partnering with Barrios Engineering and their Joint Venture with SF Architects Firm in San Francisco, California Firm, JOTA makes sure all of their clients' needs and requirements are met at the highest professional standard.

In JOTA-Arkitekts we understand how to successfully work with high level difficulty projects and develop them in order to leave a remarkable legacy of how we can better serve the island.  The firm offers an experienced and highly qualified consulting team for your specific needs. All projects are directed and executed by the principal partners who sustain direct communication with clients and their enterprises. The latest CAD technology is utilized along with networked cad stations, and an online communication to maximize production of Contract Documents, while providing highly efficient coordination with our consultants and clients

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